The Last Panorama of the Spirit Rover on Mars

This year the Spirit Rover on Mars officially finished her 5 year 90 Day mission. In case you are not aware this amazing rover with its sister Opportunity were originally only supposed to operate for 90 days on the surface of mars. However spirit lasted over 5 years performing good science and returning some amazing photograph in the process. opportunity is still operational. one of the things that they discovered during this mission is evidence of ice just below the surface of mars.


From APOD site

Explanation: This is the last thing that the Spirit rover on Mars ever saw. Operating years beyond original expectations, Spirit eventually gotmired in martian dirtand then ran out of power wheninvestigatingthe unusualHome Platesurface feature on Mars.Visiblein the above panorama are numerous rocks and slopes of the surroundingColumbia Hillsof Mars. The strange hill with the light colored top, visible near the top center of the image, has been dubbedvon Braunand was a future destination when Spirit gotbogged down. A leading hypothesis holds that von Braun is related to martian volcanism. Last week, NASAstopped trying to contact Spiritafternumerousattempts.Half a world away, Spirit’s sister rover Opportunity continues to roll toward Endeavour Crater, which could become the largest crater yet visited by anearthling-created robot.

APOD: 2011 May 30 – The Last Panorama of the Spirit Rover on Mars.

Beginning Photoshop: A Developer’s Guide

Mobile Tuts+ have a nice 6 series tutorial on using Photoshop as a Design tool for Web Designers and Designers in general. This tutorial series also covers design for mobile devices.

It looks like a nice introduction to both Photoshop and mobile design.

Overview from the site

Among professional graphic and web designers, Photoshop is internationally the most popular and comprehensive tool available for creating and editing graphics. Personally, I haven’t run across a graphical problem that Photoshop couldn’t handle in over 10+ years of professional design work. In this tutorial series, I will be introducing you to the fundamentals of Photoshop with the goal of empowering you to increase the aesthetic quality of your programs and applications. Before we get started, know that Photoshop is an extremely powerful piece of software, and that we will only be able to scratch the surface of its capabilities in this series. There are a thousand different ways to take on any challenge, so the techniques within this tutorial are just one of the many ways available to complete a task.

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4 Tips On How To Become A Better Web Designer – CSSReflex

CSS Reflex have a nice post with some basic tips for web designers both new and experienced. It’s worth taking a look over there.

Introduction to the post by the author:

Website design has never been easy. Even today when there are many powerful tools out there, web designers still have to do a lot of labor themselves and, perhaps more importantly, a lot of thinking and planning before actually commencing work. In fact, once you know the practicals of the design, which you learn by doing, it all boils down to how well you organize your ideas and how much optimization you do in the end. Here are 3 quick tips on how to become better at web designing.

via 4 Tips On How To Become A Better Web Designer – CSSReflex.

APOD: 2011 May 25 – Space Shuttle Rising


This image is amazing and I wish I had seen it and more importantly taken it. This July will be the last time ever a photo can be taken with the launch of the final shuttle mission ever.


Explanation: Whats that rising from the clouds? The space shuttle. If you looked out the window of an airplane at just the right place and time last week, you could have seen something very unusual — the space shuttle Endeavour launching to orbit. Images of the rising shuttle and its plume became widely circulated over the web shortly after Endeavours final launch. The above image was taken from a shuttle training aircraft and is not copyrighted. Taken well above the clouds, the image can be matched with similar images of the same shuttle plume taken below the clouds. Hot glowing gasses expelled by the engines are visible near the rising shuttle, as well as a long smoke plume. A shadow of the plume appears on the cloud deck, indicating the direction of the Sun. The shuttle Endeavour remains docked with the International Space Station and is currently scheduled to return to Earth next week.

via APOD: 2011 May 25 – Space Shuttle Rising.

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Is that site not working for you or for everyone?

This is a quick one. Say you are trying to access a site and your browser will not connect to it. Is there a problem with your connection, your browser, your computer or is the site actually down and no one is able to connect to it.

There is a web page that will allow you to check to see if the site is not available to just you or is it unavailable to the whole internet. The site is “down for everyone or just me”.

There are two links to the site

The site itself is simplicity to use. You just put the web address into the box provided (i have entered the address of this blog) and click on “or just me?”


When you do you will get a screen like the one below


Thankfully this site is currently up (or you wouldn’t be able to read this)

Bookmark this valuable resource today.

Why your Web Design Sucks

1st web Designer (Link) have posted an article called 20 reasons why your web design sucks – part I.

This is an interesting article that shows examples of bad design on websites and why these elements look so bad. The big advantage of an article like this is of course that when you see examples of bad design and how they have been implemented it will also allow you to avoid those same mistakes.

From the intro to the article

We all have or have heard about those clients from hell, those that really love pink pages with red text. Even worse, what about those people who call themselves “web designers” with expensive prices and services listed on their really messy, horrible and amateur portfolios, just because they made their uncle’s business page and they liked it.

Unfortunately, many people believe that web design is all about personal style and smart IDE’s with pre-built buttons. Let me tell you something – they are wrong. I love to play football, but that doesn’t make me a professional player, and Dreamweaver does not make you a professional web developer. Web Design and development demands knowledge, practice, daily effort to learn and study, and passion, like professional football players.

(Design conventions: Necessary guidelines in order to improve a specific design.)

No matter how good or bad personal style is, the truth is that everyone has one. However, when design conventions are left out of a project, the result will be a bad or uninteresting design. That is exactly what happens with those terrible clients, when they try to implement their personal style without knowing anything about design conventions.


I will be adding the second or other subsequent parts as they are posted